Author: Cody Onthank

  • Showers Pass

    Showers Pass

    In the heart of pristine woodlands, our media production agency embarked on an exciting venture with Showers Pass, the trailblazing outdoor apparel company based in Portland, Oregon. Our focus was to capture the rugged beauty of the great outdoors and showcase their latest products through expert photography and lighting techniques. This captivating shoot featured an…

  • Happy Mountain Kombucha

    Happy Mountain Kombucha

    Happy Mountain Kombucha, a spirited kombucha enterprise nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon, has embarked on a transformative journey since the inception of its kombucha craft in 2013. As their trusted media production partner, Perigee Studio co-founder, Cody Onthank, had the pleasure of distilling the very essence of their extraordinary kombucha philosophy, straight from…

  • Bledsoe Wine Estates

    Bledsoe Wine Estates

    Bledsoe Wine Estates, including Doubleback, Bledsoe Family Winery, and Bledsoe|McDaniels Winery, was founded by legendary NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe and his wife, Maura, who returned to his hometown of Walla Walla and teamed with renowned winemaker Josh McDaniels to create a family of outstanding wine brands. The nationally acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon of Doubleback, accessible varietals…