At Perigee Studio, we don’t just strategize; we engineer comprehensive and impactful business solutions, MARKET STRATEGIES, AND EXPERIENTIAL BLUEPRINTS.

Our strategic consultancy merges visionary planning, industry insight, and hands-on execution to deliver exceptional outcomes. Co-founded by Cody Onthank, a seasoned strategist with over two decades of experience in branding and market positioning, and Lani Kingston, a strategic thinker renowned for her innovative approaches in the food and beverage realm, we bring a wealth of creativity and operational expertise to every endeavor.

Our strategic services transcend traditional consultancy boundaries, encompassing business development, market entry strategies, and innovative product conceptualization. We collaborate with you to redefine your business landscape, ensuring each project is not only visionary but also meticulously executable.

Since 2002, Cody has been shaping brand identities and market strategies. Cody’s track record includes pioneering approaches from his time as creative director at American Winery, where he spearheaded Premier Cellar, a company that revolutionized responsive email marketing in the wine industry. Let us leverage this strategic acumen to craft cutting-edge solutions for your business.

Lani, a strategic consultant with ten years of experience, has exclusively focused on the food and beverage sectors. Her strategic prowess is evident in her notable projects, including a partnership with a luxury F&B investment company based in Singapore. She developed one of the first bean-to-bar chocolate factories in Singapore; developed a coffee brand that blended luxury and heritage; and conceptualized a brand new coffee concept and retail store for the iconic Raffles Hotel.

Moreover, Lani’s strategic contributions to the Coffee Fest Education & Conference programming underscore her ability to drive tangible results in complex environments. Through a strategic overhaul of content, conference experiences, and education programming, Lani elevated the nation’s leading specialty coffee industry trade show to new heights. Her initiatives not only increased revenue and attendance but also fostered diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

Across the pond in the heart of London, Brooklyn-founded MAST Chocolate entrusted Lani to guide their European expansion. From market analysis to brand positioning, her strategic leadership of the retail, wholesale, and production teams alongside successful market expansion initiatives set MAST on a path to regional success.

In Australia, Prana Chai entrusted Lani over many years with developing and implementing a global marketing strategy that spanned email, social, photo, video, new product design, advertising, illustration, and more. Through strategic storytelling, Lani and her team brought their tea blends to life, captivating audiences worldwide.

At Perigee Studio, we excel in strategic innovation across diverse industries and markets. From market entry strategies to product launches and educational programming, our strategic consultancy is poised to elevate your business to new heights.

Engage with us to unlock the full potential of your business.