At Perigee Studio, we don’t just design; we craft comprehensive and impactful brands, products, and experiences.

Based in Portland, Oregon, our creative studio merges design, content creation, and strategic planning to deliver exceptional projects. Co-founded by Cody Onthank, a renowned photographer and designer with over two decades of experience, and Lani Kingston, a celebrated author and coffee expert, we bring a wealth of creativity and expertise to every venture.

Our repertoire extends far beyond traditional design services. From graphics and branding to websites and beyond, we also design experiences, content, campaigns, business plans, products, and brand identities that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression. We work with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring each project is unique and effective.


Our portfolio speaks volumes about our expertise in design across product, space, and brand realms. One such testament is Lani Kingston’s collaboration with Coffee Fest, a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry since 1992. Lani led the charge in designing and developing Coffee Fest’s inaugural in-house merchandise line. Partnering with graphic designer Sophie Wheeler to create a delightful range of coffee-focused character graphics, capturing the essence of the brand’s new education venue, the Barista Playground. We then designed an entire line of merchandise, a pop-up sales booth, and retail sales operations. All designs either included Coffee Fest’s core branding or our new characters: from t-shirts to reusable coffee cups, every item bore the mark of our dedication to detail and creativity.

Co-founder Lani Kingston’s multi-year collaboration with global tea brand Prana Chai involved crafting custom chai candles, and tote bags, through illustrated mugs, meticulously curated to enhance the brand’s identity. Not only did she design concept, but managed and co-ordinated illustrations, product photography, marketing campaigns, e-commerce management, and retail launch.


Since 2002, Cody Onthank has been a pivotal figure in branding and logo design, specializing in the food and beverage industries. Cody’s extensive background includes his tenure as creative director at American Winery, where he founded Premier Cellar. This groundbreaking company pioneered responsive email marketing in the wine industry, a testament to Cody’s innovative approach and strategic thinking. Let us apply this expertise to develop and implement cutting-edge designs for your brand.

Consider “Designing Coffee,” Lani Kingston’s latest book, in which she explores the innovative design behind the world’s most creative coffee shops. A collection of inspirational brands she has encountered through her extensive global consulting work, the book covers brand identity and packaging to interior design and architecture. We can provide the insight to make your space stand out; imagine how we can transform your brand with the same creativity and depth.

Our comprehensive approach, from research and development to campaign execution and web development, elevates brands and creates immersive experiences across various design disciplines. Lani also demonstrated our expertise in space and brand design with Singapore Coffee, where she celebrated local Singaporean coffee culture by developing a signature product, brand identity, and flagship store at the iconic Raffles Hotel under contract for the Singapore Tea & Coffee Company.


Cody has provided cohesive materials for numerous clients, including leading wine and beverage brands like Diageo, Domaine Serene, Domaine Drouhin, Bledsoe McDaniels, and el Tesoro de Mi Tierra Tequila amongst dozens more.

His portfolio includes photography and videography work that captures the essence of each brand, showcasing their commitment to quality and innovation. With Cody’s expertise, your business can differentiate itself in a competitive market, resonating with your audience and elevating your brand image.

Cody Onthank’s collaborations with PNW beverage brands Happy Mountain Kombucha & Base Camp Brewing exemplify his ability to convey a brand’s narrative through visually compelling content.

Engage with us to create compelling content, like these video projects undertaken for Lipton Tea and Unilever Food Solutions. Lani’s direction and project management for this large global corporation ensured a high-quality, engaging series that provided valuable insights to food operators. This project exemplifies our ability to produce content that addresses industry-specific needs while resonating with a broader audience.

Let Perigee Studio bring a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and passion to your next design project. Whether it’s a comprehensive brand overhaul, a targeted marketing campaign, a new brand or product, or an immersive experience, we have the skills and vision to make your project truly exceptional.