Happy Mountain Kombucha, a spirited kombucha enterprise nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon, has embarked on a transformative journey since the inception of its kombucha craft in 2013.

As their trusted media production partner, Perigee Studio co-founder, Cody Onthank, had the pleasure of distilling the very essence of their extraordinary kombucha philosophy, straight from the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. In a world brimming with commercial kombucha endeavors, Happy Mountain Kombucha is a distinct gem, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to simplicity, purity, and the art of infusing its brews with the finest tea and ingredients.

Our collaboration with Happy Mountain Kombucha entails the artful portrayal of their quest to strike the harmonious chord between sweet indulgence and zesty tang. Through the lens of our media production agency, Cody illuminates the brilliance of their HMK Homebrew Kit, an invitation for all to partake in the age-old kombucha alchemy, mirroring the very process that has enchanted taste buds for centuries within their brewery walls. Whether you’re a seasoned kombucha connoisseur or a newcomer to this probiotic elixir, savor the distinctive flavors of Happy Mountain Kombucha and embark on your own homebrewing odyssey. Together, we echo their noble mission: to ignite and nourish the adventurous spirit within, by crafting a kombucha accessible and delectable to all, spreading their effervescent concoctions far and wide through their homebrew kits.