japanese man brewing coffee on a pourover stand

Spill the Beans: Global Coffee Culture

Perigee Studio co-founder, Lani Kingston, authored and co-edited a hardcover book on global coffee culture, based on 10+ years of her research around the world on how different cultures brew and consume coffee. Published by Berlin-based boutique publishing house, gestalten.

Coffee is the world’s cup. Over 2.25 billion are brewed, sipped, and savored daily. A loyal companion and energetic facilitator of every day, coffee has sprouted an entire cafe culture and a booming industry. While the caffeine fix is hard to ignore, this beloved hot drink holds a rich and diverse history that sinks deeper than the bottom of the cup.


Release date: February 2022

Format: 8 1⁄4 × 10 1⁄4 inches

Features: Full color, hardcover, stitched binding, 264 pages

ISBN: 978-3-96704-035-7


Lani Kingston


Spill the Beans invites readers on a captivating journey through Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and numerous other countries, delving into the multifaceted ways in which coffee is produced, traded, and enjoyed.

The narrative of how the humble coffee bean evolved into a global icon is deeply rooted in history. An indispensable read for armchair travelers, inquisitive food enthusiasts, and café aficionados alike, this exploration of java illustrates that the world of coffee extends far beyond the ubiquitous flat white.