Since 1992, Dillanos Coffee Roasters has been a beacon of excellence in the specialty coffee industry. Founded by David Morris in Sumner, Washington, Dillanos has grown from a modest roasting operation to a globally renowned name synonymous with quality and innovation. With a steadfast commitment to sourcing the finest green coffee beans and a team of expert roasters dedicated to their craft, Dillanos produces meticulously roasted blends and single-origin offerings that captivate the palate.

Deeply rooted in its community, Dillanos also actively gives back through initiatives like the “Beyond the Bean” program, embodying its values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Dillanos Coffee Roasters is a key partner of Lani Kingston, co-founder of Perigee Studio. From sponsoring her Anthropology of Coffee unit taught at Portland State University to Perigee Studio’s cooking demonstrations at Outside Van’s Outsiders Summit; through to being a key collaborative partner for education at Coffee Fest, where Lani directs the educational programming and conference.


Dillanos Coffee Roasters


Lani Kingston

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